The Koolpad™ Solutions

solving the problem of overheating technology and devices.

  • Extreme Cold Solution

    Does your device, freeze, lose its charge, or not charge in cold temps?
    When using The Koolpad™ Case we have a cold temperature solution! Our NEW product:
    The Hotbrick™!

  • Extreme Heat Solution

    Does your Device overheat when working in extreme temps?

    The Koolpad™ Case when used with The Koolbrick™ cooling pack provides a mess-free solution to keep your device working for up to approximately 2-4 hours in extreme heat.

  • Custom Design Solutions

    Do you want a Koolpad™ Solution custom-made for your Business?
    The Koolpad™ can be uniquely customized for your business, choose material, colors, size, and business branding to your solution.
    Email for more information

What Our Clients Are Saying About The Koolpad ™

Will Nelson, Chick-fil-A, TX

"Love it! Cannot wait! Great product. Can't wait to see more."

Victoria Seckel, Chick-fil-A Team Member

I like the ability it has to keep the iPad from loosing its battery as fast when it's cold. This, along with its use to prevent the iPad from over heating from the sun which causes the iPad to glitch and stop working.

Landon Harjala, Chick-fil-A Drive Thru Director

These cases are really great! Highly Recommend!

Laura Brown, Chick-fil-A, Arizona

The ipad will not overheat for about an hour and half without the sunshade on. One less thing to have to hold on the ipad.

Kooling iPads Everywhere!

The Koolpad, LLC was founded in 2021. We are committed to providing the solution for overheating iPads. We continue to innovate and improve our cases utilizing the best methods and materials!